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Sinonimi: troller

1. A fisherman who uses a hook and line; SYN. troller.
2. A scheming person; someone who schemes to gain an advantage.
Any of an order of fishes Lophiiformes, with flattened body and broad head and jaws. Many species have small, plantlike tufts on their skin. These act as camouflage for the fish as it waits, either floating among seaweed or lying on the sea bottom, twitching the enlarged tip of the threadlike first ray of its dorsal fin to entice prey.
There are over 200 species of angler fish, living in both deep and shallow water in temperate and tropical seas. The males of some species have become so small that they live as parasites on the females.

1. alas

muški rod

Rečni ribar, onaj koji se bavi ribolovom. (mađ.)

2. morski đavo

muški rodriba

Riba škorpion, ima otrovne bodlje na leđnim perajima i ukopava se u dno.

3. pecač

muški rod

4. ribolov

muški rod

Hvatanje riba.

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