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ammonia [ imenica {hemija} ]
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ETYM From sal ammoniac, which was first obtaining near the temple of Jupiter Ammon, by burning camel's dung. Related to Ammoniac.
NH3 colorless pungent-smelling gas, lighter than air and very soluble in water. It is made on an industrial scale by the Haber process, and used mainly to produce nitrogenous fertilizers, some explosives, and nitric acid.
In aquatic organisms and some insects, nitrogenous waste (from breakdown of amino acids and so on) is excreted in the form of ammonia, rather than urea as in mammals.
A pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen.

amonijak [ imenica {hemija} ]

Jedinjenje azota i vodonika, bezbojan gas, ljutog i neprijatnog mirisa koji izaziva suze, otrovan i nagriza kožu (naziv po Amoniji, oblasti u Libiji, koja je dobila naziv po eg. bogu Amonu).

salmijak [ muški rod {hemija} ]


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