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ambulatory [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin ambulatorius.
Of or pertaining to walking; having the faculty of walking; formed or fitted for walking.
Accustomed to move from place to place; not stationary; movable.
Pertaining to a walk.
Not yet fixed legally, or settled past alteration; alterable.

nestalan [ pridev ]

pokretan [ pridev ]

putujući [ pridev ]

prilagođen za šetanje [ pridev ]

privremen [ pridev ]

ambulantni [ pridev ]

Putujući, pokretni; nestalan; ambulantni bolesnik, bolesnik koji ne mora da leži u postelji, nego dolazi lekaru na lečenje; ambulantna pošta, putujuća, železnička pošta.

ambulatory [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Late Lat. ambulatorium.
Aisle down the east end of a church.
Enclosed space, especially in monastery, for walking.
A place to walk in, whether in the open air, as the gallery of a cloister, or within a building.

pokriveno šetalište [ imenica ]

šetalište [ imenica ]

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