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ETYM French ambre gris, i. e., gray amber; French gris gray, which is of German origin: cf. OS. grîs, German greis, gray-haired. Related to Amber.
Substance obtained from intestines of spermwhale, found in the sea and used in perfumes.
Fatty substance, resembling wax, found in the stomach and intestines of the sperm whale. It is found floating in warm seas, and is used in perfumery as a fixative.
Basically intestinal matter, ambergris is not the result of disease, but the product of an otherwise normal intestine. The name derives from the French ambre gris (gray amber).
Waxy substance secreted by the sperm whale and found floating at sea or washed ashore; used in perfume.

1. ambra

ženski rod

Mirišljava materija.
Mirisna smola kojom na Istoku kade sobe i koju puše sa duvanom.

2. sekret kitove sperme

muški rod

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