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Genus of widely distributed white-spored agarics being poisonous with few exceptions; Also called: genus Amanita.
Genus of fungi (see fungus), distinguished by a ring, or volva, round the stem, warty patches on the cap, and the clear white color of the gills. Many of the species are brightly colored and highly poisonous.
The fly agaric A. muscaria is a dangerous, poisonous toadstool with a white-spotted red cap, which grows under birch or pine. It is the “magic mushroom” used iin religious ritual by early peoples of Siberia, Europe, and India. The buff-colored death cap A. phalloides is deadly.
Any of a genus (Amanita) of white-spored basidiomycetous fungi that typically have a volva and an annulus about the stipe and include some deadly poisonous forms
Any of the fungi in the genus Amanita, including many highly poisonous ones.

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ženski rod

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