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aliasing [ imenica {računari} ]
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When a continuous signal sampled at discrete points cannot be reconstructed unambiguously due to insufficient information; artifacts introduced by insufficient sampling, for example when diagonal lines and curves in a digital image become distorted due to low resolution
In computer graphics, the jagged appearance of curves or diagonal lines on a display screen, which is caused by low screen resolution. See the illustration.
(Computers) Process by which letters or lines are given the appearance of smoothness by graduating colors on the edges of shapes.
In a sampled data system, the analog input must be sampled at a rate of at least twice the bandwidth of the signal in order to avoid loss of data (Nyquist Theorem). Adhering to the Nyquist Theorem prevents in-band 'alias' signals, which are beat frequencies between the analog signal and the sampling clock that inherently occur.
Effect seen on computer screen or printer output, when smooth curves appear to made up of steps because the resolution is not high enough. Antialiasing is a software technique that reduces this effect by using intermediate shades of color to create an apparently smoother curve.

nazubljenje [ imenica {računari} ]

Reč koja još bolje opisuje izobličenje slike. Zubi su stepenasto izobličenje koje se vidi kada računar pokuša na nacrta krugove i lukove.
Pojava ružnih nazubljenih ili stepenastih linija na ekranu. Ponekad se naziva i "testera".

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