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aerosol [ imenica ]
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Particles of liquid or solid suspended in a gas. Fog is a common natural example. Aerosol cans contain a substance such as scent or cleaner packed under pressure with a device for releasing it as a fine spray.
Most aerosols used chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as propellants until these were found to cause destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere.
The international community has agreed to phase out the use of CFCs, but most so-called “ozone-friendly” aerosols also use ozone-depleting chemicals, although they are not as destructive as CFCs. Some of the products sprayed, such as pesticides, can be directly toxic to humans.
A cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas.
Container holding pressurized gas and liquid; forces a liquid out as a fine spray when a button is pressed; SYN. aerosol bomb, spray can.
A suspension of liquid or solid particles in gas.

aerosol [ muški rod ]

Rastvor čestica u vazduhu, sredstvo za pročišćavanje vazduha, za dezinfekciju, sterilizaciju, za uništavanje insekata i sl.

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