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Sinonimi: washup | bathing

ETYM Latin ablutio, from abluere: cf. French ablution. Related to Abluent.
Act of washing; Washing for a religious purpose. For example, Hindus wash before praying, preferably in running water, and washing in certain rivers, especially the Ganges, is believed to give spiritual benefit.
Muslims wash themselves (wudu) before prayers, but this is seen as a mark of respect for God and a preparation for prayer rather than conferring any benefit in itself.
Belief in ablution as purification are found in Christianity and Shinto.
In Japanese myth, for example, Izanagi purifies himself by washing in a river after visiting the netherworld. The emphasis in Shinto is on cleansing to remove defilement, not to purify from sin.
The act of washing oneself (or another person); SYN. washup, bathing.

1. ablucija

ženski rod

Pranje, umivanje, čišćenje; običaj katoličkih sveštenika da posle pričešća peru ruke; ispiranje putira posle pričešća.

2. čišćenje


3. ispiranje


4. pranje


5. ritualno pranje


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