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wave [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Wave; not the same word as Old Eng. wawe, waghe, a wave, which is akin to Eng. wag to move.
(Homonym: waive).
(Physics) A progressive, undulating disturbance created without displacement of the medium itself; SYN. undulation.
One of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water); SYN. moving ridge.
A movement like that of an ocean wave.
An undulating curve.
Something that rises rapidly and dies away.
The act of signaling by a movement of the hand; SYN. waving, wafture.
A hairdo that creates undulations in the hair.

talas [ muški rod ]

Pojava na vodi usled vetra, val.

ondulacija [ ženski rod ]

Talasanje, njihanje, lelujanje, talasasto kretanje, valovito kretanje; doterivanje kose da bude talasasta (ili valovita). (fr.)

val [ muški rod ]


pomoćnica u ratnoj mornarici [ ženski rod {vojska} ]

wave [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: waive).
To move one's hand back and forth, as a signal.
To flap or move in an undulating fashion.
To set waves in (said of of hair).

lepršati se [ glagol ]

mahati [ glagol ]

mahati rukom [ glagol ]

ondulirati [ glagol ]

Talasati se, lelujati se; talasati kosu, praviti (ili napraviti) kosu valovitom. (fr.)

talasati se [ glagol ]

LJuljati se poput talasa, ravnomerno se pokretati.

vihoriti se [ glagol ]

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