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writing [ pridev ]
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voli da piše [ pridev ]

piše [ pridev ]

writing [ imenica ]
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The activity of putting something in written form.
Letters or symbols written or imprinted on a surface; SYN. symbolic representation.
Reading matter; anything expressed in letters of the alphabet (especially when considered from the point of view of style and effect); SYN. written material.
The act of creating written works; SYN. authorship, composition, penning.
(Usually plural) The collected work of an author.
Any written form of communication using a set of symbols: see alphabet, cuneiform, hieroglyphic. The last two used ideographs (picture writing) and phonetic word symbols side by side, as does modern Chinese. Syllabic writing, as in Japanese, develops from the continued use of a symbol to represent the sound of a short word. Some 8,000-year-old inscriptions, thought to be pictographs, were found on animal bones and tortoise shells in Henan province, China, at a Neolithic site at Jiahu. They are thought to predate by 2,5years the oldest known writing (Mesopotamian cuneiform of 3,5BC).

akt [ muški rod ]

Delo, radnja; svaka svečana javna radnja, naročito sudska radnja, rasprava, pretres; poz. čin.

dokument [ muški rod ]

Pismen dokaz, isprava, povelja; dokumentum privatum, privatna isprava, tjl. ona koju nije izdala vlast; dokumentum publikum, javna isprava, tj. ona koju je izdala vlast.

književno delo [ imenica ]

pisani dokument [ muški rod ]

pisanje [ imenica ]

pismo [ imenica ]

Dopis, poštanska pošiljka.

rukopis [ muški rod ]

spis [ muški rod ]

Akt, dokument.

zvanična isprava [ ženski rod ]

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