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werewolf [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM AS. werwulf; wer a man + wulf a wolf; cf. German wärwolf, währwolf, wehrwolf, a werewolf, Mid. High Germ. werwolf. Related to Were a man, and Wolf, Virile, World.
(Irregular plural: werewolves).
A monster able to change appearance from human to wolf; SYN. wolfman, lycanthrope.
Human being transformed into wolf.
Abortive Nazi resistance organization against the Allied invasion of Germany 194It only succeeded in attracting a few diehard Nazi fanatics and, with no broad support, collapsed when the Allies rounded up the remaining Nazi leaders.
In folk belief, a human being either turned by spell into a wolf or having the ability to assume a wolf form. The symptoms of porphyria may have fostered the legends.

vukodlak [ muški rod ]

Vampir. Po narodnom verovanju, mrtvac u koga uđe nekakav zao duh nakon dana od smrti i nakon toga pije ljudima krv.

likantrop [ muški rod ]


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