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Uranus [ imenica {astrologija} ]
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A giant planet with a ring of ice particles; 7th from the sun.
The seventh planet from the Sun, discovered by William Herschel 178It is twice as far out as the sixth planet, Saturn. Uranus has a mass 14.5 times that of Earth. The spin axis of Uranus is tilted at 98ş, so that one pole points toward the Sun, giving extreme seasons.
mean distance from the Sun 2.9 billion km/1.8 billion mi
equatorial diameter 50,8km/31,6mi
rotation period 17.2 hr
year Earth years
atmosphere deep atmosphere composed mainly of hydrogen and helium
surface composed primarily of hydrogen and helium but may also contain heavier elements, which might account for Uranus’ mean density being higher than Saturn’s.
satellites moons. thin rings around the equator were discovered in 1977.
Uranus has a peculiar magnetic field, whose axis is tilted at 60ş to its axis of spin, and is displaced about one-third of the way from the planet's center to its surface. Uranus spins from east to west, the opposite of the other planets, with the exception of Venus and possibly Pluto. The rotation rate of the atmosphere varies with latitude, from about hours in mid-southern latitudes to longer than hours at the equator.
Data derived from the space probe Voyager 1 in 19revealed that Uranus is covered with a cloud layer under which a hot ocean of superheated water exists. The pressure caused by the thick atmosphere keeps the water from boiling away and the heat keeps the pressure from solidifying the water. This has led to suggestions that the planet may have formed from the coalescence of comets. Other discoveries were that the pole facing the Sun is no hotter than the pole facing away, and that four known methane clouds in the atmosphere rotate with the planet, not in the expected opposite direction. Voyager 2 detected ten rings, composed of chunky rock and large ice boulders, around the planet’s equator, and found ten small moons in addition to the five visible from Earth. Titania, the largest moon, has a diameter of 1,5km/9mi. The rings are charcoal black, and may be debris of former “moonlets” that have broken up.

Uran [ muški rod {astrologija} ]

Sedma planeta, otkrivena 17g., po daljini od Sunca dolazi posle Saturna, po zapremini puta veći od Zemlje.

Uranus [ imenica {mitologija} ]
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In Greek mythology, the primeval sky god, whose name means “Heaven”. He was responsible for both the sunshine and the rain, and was the son and husband of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of Cronus and the Titans.

Uran [ muški rod {mitologija} ]

Bog neba kod Grka, sin i muž Geje, s kojom je izrodio titane.

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