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Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. An address for a resource on the Internet. URLs are used by Web browsers to locate Internet resources. A URL specifies the protocol to be used in accessing the resource (such as http: for a World Wide Web page or ftp: for an FTP site), the name of the server on which the resource resides (such as //www.whitehouse.gov), and, optionally, the path to a resource (such as an HTML document or a file on that server). See also FTP(definition 1), HTML, HTTP, path (definition 1), server (definition 2), virtual path (definition 1), Web browser.
1. (Homonym: earl).
2. Universal Resource Locator; an address used for locating sites on the Internet.
(abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator).
World-Wide Web address. Web browsers, such as Mosaic, use URLs to locate documents on the Web. A typical URL, in this case for the Louvre's art gallery Web page, is http://mistral.enst.fr/~pioch/louvre/. The complexity of URLs explains why Mosaic's point-and-click interface, which saves the user from having to type them in, is so popular.

1. URL

muški rodračunari

Adresa strane ili datoteke na Internetu. Adresiranje ima standardnu formu: protokol://adresa. Primjer: http://www.microsoft.com/ Umjesto oznake http može biti ftp za prenos datoteka, telnet za direktnu, interaktivnu komunikaciju sa određenim računarom ili mailto za elektronsku poštu.

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