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truck [ imenica {auto-moto} ]
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A wheeled vehicle for moving heavy articles: as a strong horse-drawn or automotive vehicle (as a pickup) for hauling; a small barrow consisting of a rectangular frame having at one end a pair of handles and at the other end a pair of small heavy wheels and a projecting edge to slide under a load — called also hand truck; a small heavy rectangular frame supported on four wheels for moving heavy objects; a small flat-topped car pushed or pulled by hand; a shelved stand mounted on casters; an automotive vehicle with a short chassis equipped with a swivel for attaching a trailer and used especially for the highway hauling of freight; also; a truck with attached trailer.

teretni auto [ muški rod ]

kamion [ muški rod {auto-moto} ]

Velika teretna kola, teretni automobil, teretno vozilo.

teretnjak [ muški rod {auto-moto} ]


teretni automobil [ muški rod {auto-moto} ]

truck [ imenica {železnica} ]
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British; an open railroad freight car; a swiveling carriage consisting of a frame with one or more pairs of wheels and springs to carry and guide one end (as of a railroad car) in turning sharp curves

teretna kola [ ženski rod ]

teretni vagon [ muški rod {železnica} ]

truck [ imenica ]
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Commodities appropriate for barter or for small trade
Close association or connection
Payment of wages in goods instead of cash
Vegetables grown for market
Heterogeneous small articles often of little value; also; rubbish
A small wheel; specifically; a small strong wheel for a gun carriage
A small wooden cap at the top of a flagstaff or masthead usually having holes for reeving flag or signal halyards.

sitna roba [ ženski rod ]


barter [ muški rod {finansije} ]

Trampa, razmena dobara; roba za robu (barter-aranžmani u međunarodnoj trgovini).

trampa [ ženski rod ]

Razmena predmeta, dobara.

trgovanje razmenom [ imenica ]

zamena [ ženski rod ]

truck [ glagol ]
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To give in exchange; swap
To barter or dispose of by barter
To exchange commodities; barter
To negotiate or traffic especially in an underhanded way; have dealings
To transport something by truck.

prevoziti kolima [ glagol ]

trampiti [ glagol ]

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