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shift [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Icel skipti. Related to Shift.
A group of workers who work for a specific period of time.
An event in which something is displaced without rotation; SYN. displacement.
The act of moving from one place to another; SYN. shifting.
The time period during which one is at work; SYN. work shift, duty period.

menjanje [ imenica ]

Smenjivanje, smena.

pomeraj [ muški rod ]

pomeranje [ imenica ]

Pomak, pokret, pomeraj.

pomicanje [ imenica ]

premeštanje [ imenica ]

presvlačenje [ imenica ]

smena [ ženski rod ]

Smenjivanje, menjanje.

trik [ muški rod ]

Obmana, opsena, vešto izvedena prevara; lukavstvo, podvala, smicalica, ujdurma, doskočica, veština, majstorija.

varka [ ženski rod ]

Vešta obmana, trik.

promena [ ženski rod ]


shift [ glagol ]
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To move from one setting or context to another
To change place or direction; SYN. dislodge, reposition.
To change in quality

pomaći [ glagol ]


premestiti [ glagol ]

Promeniti mesto.

premestiti se [ glagol ]

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