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screw [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. scrue, Old Fren. escroue, escroe, female screw, French écrou, Latin scrobis a ditch, trench, in Late Lat., the hole made by swine in rooting; cf. Dutch schroef a screw, German schraube, Icel. skrűfa.
A fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head.
A simple machine of the inclined-plane type consisting of a spirally threaded cylindrical rod that engages with a similarly threaded hole.
A device with several angled blades that rotates to push against water or air; SYN. screw propeller.
In construction, cylindrical or tapering piece of metal or plastic (or formerly wood) with a helical groove cut into it. Each turn of a screw moves it forward or backward by a distance equal to the pitch (the spacing between neighboring threads).
Its mechanical advantage equals 2 r/P, where P is the pitch and r is the radius of the thread. Thus the mechanical advantage of a tapering wood screw, for example, increases as it is rotated into the wood.
The thread is comparable to an inclined plane (wedge) wrapped around a cylinder or cone.

klin [ muški rod ]

Ekser, čavao, trouglasti umetak.

obrtanje vijka [ imenica ]

okret [ muški rod ]

Obrt, okretaj.

vadičep [ muški rod ]

zavrtanj [ muški rod ]

Šraf, navrtanj.
Muški šraf.

šraf [ muški rod ]

Zavrtanj; navrtanj.

vijak [ muški rod ]


screw [ imenica {nautika} ]
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A propeller especially of a ship

elisa [ ženski rod ]

Vijak (brodski zavrtanj za pokretanje brodova; vazdužni zavrtanj za pokretanje aeroplana i vazdušnih brodova); propeler. (fr.)

propeler [ muški rod ]

Arhimedov zavrtanj; vijak, brodski zavrtanj za pokretanje brodova; vijak, vazdušni zavrtanj za pokretanje aviona i vazdušnih lađa (elisa). (lat.)

screw [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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A worn-out horse
(chiefly British) A small packet (as of tobacco)
A prison guard
A person who bargains shrewdly; also; skinflint

krvopija [ muški rod ]

tvrdica [ ženski rod ]

Škrtica, škrtac.

raga [ ženski rod ]

Star, iznuren konj.Mršav, izmrcvaren konj.

screw [ glagol ]
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To fasten something with screws.
To twist into place a screw or bolt; SYN. drive in, draw out.
To tighten or fasten by means of screwing motions
To turn like a screw.

naterati [ glagol ]


primorati [ glagol ]


prisiliti [ glagol ]

Prinuditi, primorati.

pričvrstiti [ glagol ]

Učvrstiti za nešto.

zašrafiti [ glagol ]

šrafiti [ glagol ]

screw [ glagol {vulgarno, napadno} ]
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To copulate with

jebati [ glagol {vulgarno, napadno} ]

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