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swift [ pridev ]
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Moving a great distance in a short time; moving quickly.
Capable of great speed; fleet-footed.

brz [ pridev ]

Hitar, nagao, skokovit.

hitar [ pridev ]


okretan [ pridev ]

Spretan, umešan.

spretan [ pridev ]

Umešan, okretan.

Swift [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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(1667-174Irish satirist and Anglican cleric. He wrote Gulliver’s Travels 172an allegory describing travel to lands inhabited by giants, miniature people, and intelligent horses. Other works include The Tale of a Tub 170attacking corruption in religion and learning; contributions to the Tory paper The Examiner, of which he was editor 1710–1the satirical pamphlet A Modest Proposal 172which suggested that children of the poor should be eaten; and many essays and pamphlets.
Swift, born in Dublin, became secretary to the diplomat William Temple (1628–169at Moor Park, Surrey, where his friendship with the child “Stella” (Hester Johnson 1681–172began 168Returning to Ireland, he was ordained in the Church of England 169and in 16was made a prebendary of St Patrick’s, Dublin. In 17he became a Tory pamphleteer, and obtained the deanery of St Patrick 1713.
His Journal to Stella is a series of letters, 1710–1in which he described his life in London. “Stella” remained the love of his life, but “Vanessa” (Esther Vanhomrigh 1690–1723), a Dublin woman who had fallen in love with him, jealously wrote to her rival 17and so shattered his relationship with both women. From about 17his mind began to fail.

Svift [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Irski pisac.

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