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skin [ imenica ]
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ETYM Icel. skinn; akin to Swed. skinn, Dan. skind, as. scinn, German schined to skin.
An outer surface (usually thin).
The tissue forming the hard outer layer of e.g. a fruit; SYN. rind.
A person's skin regarded as their life.
A container for liquids that is made from the skin of an animal.

krzno [ imenica ]

ljuska [ ženski rod ]

mešina [ ženski rod ]

opna [ ženski rod ]


sloj [ muški rod ]

skin [ glagol ]
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To strip the skin off (fruit, for example); SYN. peel, pare.
To bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of; SYN. scrape.

ljuštiti [ glagol ]

odrati kožu [ glagol ]

izguliti [ glagol ]

skin [ imenica {anatomija} ]
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A natural protective covering of the body; site of the sense of touch; SYN. tegument, cutis.
The covering of the body of a vertebrate. In mammals, the outer layer (epidermis) is dead and its cells are constantly being rubbed away and replaced from below; it helps to protect the body from infection and to prevent dehydration. The lower layer (dermis) contains blood vessels, nerves, hair roots, and sweat and sebaceous glands, and is supported by a network of fibrous and elastic cells.
Skin grafting is the repair of injured skin by placing pieces of skin, taken from elsewhere on the body, over the injured area. The medical specialty concerned with skin diseases is called dermatology.

koža [ ženski rod {anatomija} ]

Spoljni omotač tela čoveka i životinja, površinski organ tela.
Kod odraslog čoveka njena površina iznosi skoro dva kvadratna metra, a debljina između jedan i četiri milimetra. Najdeblja je na dlanovima, tabanima, leđima, zadnjoj strani vrata i na lobanji, a najtanja na očnim kapcima.

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