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(1577-1640) Flemish painter. He brought the exuberance of Italian Baroque to N Europe, creating, with an army of assistants, innumerable religious and allegorical paintings for churches and palaces. These show mastery of drama in large compositions, and love of rich color. He also painted portraits and, in his last years, landscapes.
Rubens entered the Antwerp painters’ guild 1598 and went to Italy 1600, studying artists of the High Renaissance. In 1603 he visited Spain and in Madrid painted many portraits of the Spanish nobility. From 1604 to 1608 he was in Italy again, and in 1609 he settled in Antwerp and was appointed court painter to the archduke Albert and his wife Isabella. His Raising of the Cross 1610–11 and Descent from the Cross 1611–14, both in Antwerp Cathedral, show his brilliant painterly style. He went to France 1620, commissioned by the regent Marie de’ Medici to produce a cycle of 21 enormous canvases allegorizing her life (Louvre, Paris). In 1628 he again went to Madrid, where he met the painter Velázquez. In 1629–30 he was in London as diplomatic envoy to Charles I, and painted the ceiling of the Banqueting House in Whitehall.
Rubens’ portraits range from intimate pictures of his second wife, such as Hélčne Fourment in a Fur Wrap about 1638 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna), to dozens of portraits of royalty.

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muški rodlično ime

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