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rock [ imenica ]
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A lump of hard consolidated mineral matter; SYN. stone.
Material consisting of the aggregate of minerals like those making up the Earth's crust; SYN. stone.
Pitching dangerously to one side; SYN. careen, sway, tilt.
Constituent of the Earth's crust, composed of mineral particles and/or materials of organic origin consolidated into a hard mass as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rocks.

greben [ muški rod ]

Hrid, bilo, stena u vodi.

hridina [ ženski rod ]

Morska stena, hrid, veliki morski greben.

krš [ muški rod ]

Golet, kras.
Lom, nered.

litica [ ženski rod ]

naslaga [ ženski rod ]

sloj [ muški rod ]

stena [ ženski rod ]

Veliki komad kamena, odlomljeni deo litice, strma kamena litica.

žila [ ženski rod ]

rock [ glagol ]
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To move back and forth, like a ship; SYN. sway, shake.
To rouse to excitement (as by performing rock music)
To become moved backward and forward under often violent impact; also; to move gently back and forth
To move forward at a steady pace; also; to move forward at a high speed
To sing, dance to, or play rock music

klatiti se [ glagol ]

ljuljati se [ glagol ]

njihati se [ glagol ]

rock [ imenica {muzika} ]
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Popular music usually played on electronically amplified instruments and characterized by a persistent heavily accented beat, repetition of simple phrases, and often country, folk, and blues elements

rok muzika [ ženski rod {muzika} ]

rok [ muški rod {muzika} ]

Vrsta moderne plesne igre (eng.)

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