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retreat [ imenica ]
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ETYM French retraite, from retraire to withdraw, Latin retrahere; pref. re- re- + trahere to draw. Related to Trace, Retract, Retrace.
(Military) A bugle call signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset.
(Military) A signal to begin a withdrawal from a dangerous position.
(Military) Withdrawal to a more favorable position.
A place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet.
In a military action, a rearward movement of forces in response to enemy pressure. Unlike a withdrawal, a retreat involves loss of initiative.

odstupanje [ imenica ]

povlačenje [ imenica ]

sklonište [ imenica ]

utočište [ imenica ]

uzmicanje [ imenica ]

Ustuk, uzmak.

retreat [ glagol ]
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To make a retreat; SYN. back out, back away, crawfish, crawfish out, withdraw.
To move away, as for privacy

odstupiti [ glagol ]

povući se [ glagol ]

Skloniti se, ukloniti se.

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