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ženski rodlično ime
/ remɪk /


(1935-1991) US film and television actress. Although often typecast as a flirt early in her career, she later delivered intelligent and affecting portrayals of an extensive range of characters. Among her best-known films were The Long Hot Summer 1958, Anatomy of a Murder 1959, Sanctuary 1961, and No Way to Treat a Lady 1968.
Remick made her screen debut in A Face in the Crowd 1957, in which she was cast as a nubile drum majorette. Although she later portrayed a number of diverse characters it proved difficult for her to shake off the image determined by this first casting. During the late 1960s and early 1970s she appeared in a series of films, including The Hallelujah Trail 1965 and The Omen 1976, which did little to bolster her already faltering reputation. Her last film role was in The Europeans 1979, in which she gave a warm and amusing performance.

Remik Li

ženski rodlično ime


Američka filmska glumica.

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