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out [ pridev ]
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Not in; or in or into the open
Outside or external
Directed outward or serving to direct something outward
No longer fashionable
Out of power; especially having been unsuccessful in an election
Outer or outlying
(Baseball) Not allowed to continue to bat or run; SYN. retired.
Not worth considering as a possibility

izašao [ pridev ]

spoljni [ pridev ]

out [ prilog ]
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ETYM Old Eng. out, ut, oute, ute, as. űt, and űte, űtan, from űt; akin to Dutch uit, os. űt, German aus, Old High Germ. űz, Icel. űt, Swed. ut, Dan. ud, Goth. ut, Skr. ud. Related to About, But, Carouse, Utter.
Away from home.
Outside of an enclosed space.
Outward from a reference point.

glasno [ prilog ]

Uglas, naglas.

izvan [ prilog ]

napolje [ prilog ]

sasvim [ prilog ]

Skroz, načisto.

van [ prilog ]


out [ imenica ]
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A failure to get on base safely in baseball

izlet [ muški rod ]


spoljašnost [ ženski rod ]

out [ glagol ]
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To be made known; be disclosed or revealed; SYN. come out.
To reveal somebody else's homosexuality

biti objavljen [ glagol ]

izgnati [ glagol ]

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