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1. City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56744.
2. The capital and largest city of Norway; the country's main port is located at the head of fjord on Norway's southern coast; Also called: Christiania, capital of Norway.
Capital and industrial port (textiles, engineering, timber) of Norway; The first recorded settlement was made in the 11th century by Harald III Hardrada, but after a fire 1624, it was entirely replanned by Christian IV and renamed Christiania 1624–1924.
The port is built at the head of Oslo fjord, which is kept open in winter by icebreakers. There is a Viking museum, the 13th-century Akershus Castle, a 17th-century cathedral, and the National Gallery, which includes many paintings by Edvard Munch.

1. Oslo

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Glavni grad Norveške.

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