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Ontario [ imenica {geologija} ]
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A prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada.
City in California (USA).
City in Oregon (USA); zip code 97914.
Village in Ohio (USA).
Village in Wisconsin (USA); zip code 54651.
Province of central Canada.
Area 1,068,6sq km/412,4sq mi.
Capital Toronto.
Towns and cities Hamilton, Ottawa (federal capital), London, Windsor, Kitchener, St Catharines, Oshawa, Thunder Bay, Sudbury.
Features Black Creek Pioneer Village; Niagara Falls; richest, chief manufacturing, most populated, and leading cultural province of English-speaking Canada.
Industries nickel, iron, gold, forest products, motor vehicles, iron, steel, paper, chemicals, copper, uranium.
Population (1989,114,000.
History first explored by the French in the 17th century, it came under British control 17(Treaty of Paris).
An attempt 18to form a merged province with French-speaking Québec failed, and Ontario became a separate province of Canada 186Under the protectionist policies of the new federal government, Ontario gradually became industrialized and urban.
Since World War ii, more than 2 million immigrants, chiefly from Europe, have settled in Ontario.
Lake, Smallest and easternmost of the Great Lakes, on the US-Canadian border; area 19,2sq km/7,4sq mi. It is connected to Lake Erie by the Welland Canal and the Niagara River, and drains into the St Lawrence River. Its main port is Toronto.

Ontario [ muški rod {geologija} ]

Jezero u Severnoj Americi.
Pokrajina u Kanadi.

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