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move [ imenica ]
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The act of deciding to do something
The act of changing one's residence or place of business
(Games) A player's turn to move a piece or take some other permitted action.

korak [ muški rod ]

Pokret nogom pri hodu, deo hoda, koračaj.

kretanje [ imenica ]

Stanje suprotno od stanja mirovanja.
Polaženje, polazak.

pokret [ muški rod ]

Kretnja, pomak.

postupak [ muški rod ]

potez [ muški rod ]

radnja [ ženski rod ]

move [ glagol ]
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To change position, as of a body part (nontranslational motion):
To go or proceed from one point to another
To cause to move; SYN. displace.
To progress by being changed: SYN. go, run.
To arouse sympathy or compassion in
To change residence, affiliation, or place of employment
To propose formally; in a debate or parliamentary meeting; SYN. make a motion.
To have a turn; make one's move in a game; SYN. go.
To exist or thrive in a specified environment
1To dispose of by selling

dirnuti [ glagol ]


ganuti [ glagol ]


maknuti [ glagol ]

Pomeriti s mesta, maći.

micati [ glagol ]

micati se [ glagol ]

pobuditi [ glagol ]

podneti [ glagol ]

podstaći [ glagol ]

pokrenuti [ glagol ]


pomaći se [ glagol ]

poticati [ glagol ]

Voditi poreklo.

preseliti se [ glagol ]

rasti [ glagol ]


razvijati se [ glagol ]

seliti [ glagol ]

uzbuditi [ glagol ]

pomaknuti se [ glagol ]

pomaknuti [ glagol ]

move [ imenica {računari} ]
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A command or an instruction to transfer information from one location to another. Depending on the operation involved, a move can affect data in a computer’s memory or it can affect text or a graphical image in a data file. In programming, for example, a move instruction might transfer a single value from one memory location to another. In applications, on the other hand, a move command might relocate a paragraph of text or all or part of a graphic from one place in a document to another. Unlike a copy procedure, which duplicates information, a move indicates that information either is or can be deleted from its original location. Compare copy.

premestiti [ glagol {računari} ]

Naredba u mnogim programima pomoću koje možete da premeštate objekte ili tekst sa jednog mesta na drugo.

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