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1. A city and resort in southeastern Florida on Biscayne Bay; the best known city in Florida.
2. A member of the extinct Algonquian people formerly living in northern Indian and southern Michigan.
3. City in Missouri (USA); zip code 65344.
4. City in Oklahoma (USA); zip code 74354.
5. City in Texas (USA); zip code 79059.
6. Town in Arizona (USA); zip code 85539.
Industrial city (food processing, transportation and electronic equipment, clothing, and machinery) and port in Florida, US; It is the hub of finance, trade, and air transport for the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. There has been an influx of immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, and South America since 1959.
The first permanent non-Indian settlement dates from the 1870s. In 1896 a railroad was extended to Miami, and the city was subsequently promoted as a tourist resort for its beaches.
It is also a center for oceanographic research.
The Florida land boom of the 1920s led to rapid development. By the 1980s large amounts of illegal drugs were said to come to the US through Miami. Destructive riots in 1980 and 1982 followed charges of police misconduct.

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