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1875-1955) German novelist and critic. He was concerned with the theme of the artist’s relation to society. His first novel was Buddenbrooks 1901, which, followed by Der Zauberberg/The Magic Mountain 1924, led to a Nobel Prize 1929. Notable among his works of short fiction is ‘Der Tod in Venedig/Death in Venice’ 1913.
Mann worked in an insurance office in Munich and on the staff of the periodical Simplicissimus. His opposition to the Nazi regime forced him to leave Germany and in 1940 he became a US citizen. Among his other works are a biblical tetralogy on the theme of Joseph and his brothers 1933–44, Dr Faustus 1947, Die Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull/Confessions of Felix Krull, Condidence Trickster 1954, and a number of short stories, including ‘Tonio Kröger’ 1903.

1. Man

muški rodlično ime

Nemački pisac, 1940 uzeo američko državljanstvo zbog protivljenja Hitleru.

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