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little [ pridev ]
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ETYM The regular comparative of this word is wanting, its place being supplied by less, or, rarely, lesser. Related to Lesser.
Small; not large; of small stature; SYN. small.
Very young; SYN. small.
Younger and (at least formerly) smaller than another though relative size is not the issue; SYN. younger.
Contemptibly narrow in outlook; SYN. petty, small, small-minded.
(Quantifier used with mass nouns) Small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none SYN. small.

malen [ pridev ]

Mali, sićušan.

mali [ pridev ]

little [ prilog ]
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Not much

malo [ prilog ]

Sitno, neznatno.

little [ imenica ]
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A small amount or duration

dete [ imenica ]

Najbliži potomak.

mališan [ muški rod ]

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