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jump [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French jupe a long petticoat, a skirt. Related to Juppon.
The act of jumping; propelling oneself off the ground; SYN. jumping.
Descent with a parachute; SYN. parachuting.
A sudden and decisive increase; SYN. leap.
In films: a transition from one scene to another.

skakanje [ imenica ]

skok [ muški rod ]

Nagli odraz od tla, odraz u visinu ili daljinu.

jump [ glagol ]
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To leap; to lift both feet from the ground in a bounding motion.
To cause to jump or leap, as of a trained animal; SYN. leap.
To enter eagerly into.
To increase suddenly and significantly.
To make a sudden physical attack on.
To move forward by leaps and bounds; SYN. leap, bound, spring.
To bypass; SYN. pass over, skip, skip over.

preskočiti [ glagol ]

skočiti [ glagol ]

jump [ imenica {računari} ]
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In computing, a programming instruction that causes the computer to branch to a different part of a program, rather than execute the next instruction in the program sequence. Unconditional jumps are always executed; conditional jumps are only executed if a particular condition is satisfied.

skok [ muški rod {računari} ]

Programska instrukcija koja prebacuje izvršavanje na neku drugu lokaciju - pesnički rečeno "preskočiti" deo programskog koda.

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