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intelligence [ imenica ]
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ETYM French intelligence, Latin intelligentia, intellegentia. Related to Intelligent.
In psychology, a general concept that summarizes the abilities of an individual in reasoning and problem solving, particularly in novel situations. These consist of a wide range of verbal and nonverbal skills and therefore some psychologists dispute a unitary concept of intelligence.In military and political affairs, information, often secretly or illegally obtained, about other countries. Counter-intelligence is information on the activities of hostile agents. Much intelligence is gained by technical means, such as satellites and the electronic interception of data.
The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for gathering foreign intelligence and for coordinating the reports of the several independent intelligence agencies. These include military intelligence branches within each armed service; the National Security Agency, responsible for technical intelligence gathering; and intelligence officers within the State Department and other executive agencies. Domestic intelligence is the responsibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Double agents are motivated by money, ideology, or dissatisfaction to provide information to the ostensible enemy, often doing great damage.
Moles are double agents who betray their own security services. Sleepers are agents who assume a normal life in the target country, often inactive for years until needed.
The ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience.
Secret information about an enemy (or potential enemy).
A unit responsible for gathering and interpreting intelligence.
The operation of gathering information about an enemy; SYN. intelligence activity, intelligence operation.

inteligencija [ ženski rod ]

Urođena sposobnost pravilnog razumevanja stvari i pojava u životu i svetu, razum, um, sposobnost shvatanja i poimanja; kao zbirna imenica: svi ljudi koji imaju ovu osobinu; otmeniji i bolji svet uopšte, školovani ljudi.

obaveštenje [ imenica ]

razum [ muški rod ]

Pamet, um, intelekt.

razumevanje [ imenica ]


um [ muški rod ]

Pamet, intelekt, razum.

inteligentnost [ ženski rod ]

Osobina onoga koji je inteligentan, umnost, razumnost, oštroumnost.

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