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Intel [ imenica {N/A} ]
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Manufacturer of the microprocessors that form the basis of the IBM PC range and its clones. Recent microprocessors are the 803and 804(the basis of machines referred to as 3and 4PCs), and the Pentium, released in 1993.
Details of the P6 microprocessor were released Feb 199It can execute twice as many instructions (million per second) in a given time as the Pentium chip it is to replace, as it also analyses software programs to identify the most efficient way of running them.
In 19the company held a 9share of the the global microprocessor market, and, together with Microsoft, supplied operating systems and computer chips for almost 8of the world's personal computers.

Intel [ muški rod {računari} ]

Firma koja proizvodi mikroprocesore, posebno čipove koji se nalaze u srcu svako IBM PC kompatibilnog računara.

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