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harrow [ glagol {agrar} ]
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To draw a harrow over (land); SYN. disk.

kinjiti [ glagol ]

mučiti [ glagol ]

drljati [ glagol ]

harrow [ imenica {agrar} ]
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ETYM Old Eng. harowe, harwe, AS. hearge; cf. Dutch hark rake, German harke, Icel. herfi harrow, Dan. harve, Swed. harf.
A cultivating implement that pulverizes or smoothes the soil.
Agricultural implement used to break up the furrows left by the plow and reduce the soil to a fine consistency or tilth, and to cover the seeds after sowing. The traditional harrow consists of spikes set in a frame; modern harrows use sets of discs.

drljača [ ženski rod ]

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