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City in North Dakota (USA); zip code 58542.
The (Dutch ’s-Gravenhage or Den Haag) Capital of the province of South Holland and seat of the Netherlands government, linked by canal with Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
The Gothic Hall of Knights (1280) in the Binnenhof, where the annual opening of parliament takes place, the 16th-century town hall, and the Peace Palace (1913), which houses the United Nations International Court of Justice. The seaside resort of Scheveningen (patronized by Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill), with its Kurhaus, is virtually incorporated.
The city grew up around a hunting lodge after a castle was built nearby 1248. The States-General (parliament) established itself here 1585, and from the 17th century the city was a center of European diplomacy.

1. Hag

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Prestonica Holandije.

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