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1. The largest island in the world; between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans; a Danish territory; Also called: Kaballit Nunaat.
2. Town in Arkansas (USA).
(Greenlandic Kalaalit Nunaat) World's largest island, lying between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans east of North America.
area 2,175,600 sq km/840,000 sq mi.
capital Godthaab (Greenlandic Nuuk) on the W coast.
features the whole of the interior is covered by a vast ice sheet (the remnant of the last glaciation, part of the N Polar icecap); the island has an important role strategically and in civil aviation, and shares military responsibilities with the US; there are lead and cryolite deposits, and offshore oil is being explored.
economy fishing and fish-processing.
; Inuit (Ammassalik Eskimoan), Danish, and other European.
language Greenlandic (Ammassalik Eskimoan).
history Greenland was discovered about 982 by Eric the Red, who founded colonies on the W coast soon after Eskimos from the North American Arctic had made their way to Greenland.
Christianity was introduced to the Vikings about 1000. In 1261 the Viking colonies accepted Norwegian sovereignty, but early in the 15th century all communication with Europe ceased, and by the 16th century the colonies had died out, but the Eskimos had moved on to the east coast. It became a Danish colony in the 18th century, and following a referendum 1979 was granted full internal self-government 1981.

1. Grenland

muški rodgeografija

Najveće ostrvo na svetu, između Atlantskog i Arktičkog okeana; danska teritorija (2.176.000 km2).

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