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Florence [ imenica {geologija} ]
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City in Alabama (USA).
City in Colorado (USA); zip code 81226.
City in Kansas (USA); zip code 66851.
City in Kentucky (USA); zip code 41042.
City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56170.
City in Oregon (USA); zip code 97439.
City in South Carolina (USA).
Town in Arizona (USA); zip code 85232.
Town in Mississippi (USA); zip code 39073.
1Town in South Dakota (USA); zip code 57235.
1Town in Texas (USA); zip code 76527.
1Village in Illinois (USA).
(South Carolina) City in NE South Carolina, US, NW of Myrtle Beach; seat of Florence County; It is a center of the trucking industry, serving as a terminus for many companies. Other industries include dairy products, fertilizers, film, furniture, machined goods, and clothing.(Italy) (Italian Firenze) Capital of Tuscany, N Italy, km/mi from the mouth of the river Arno; It has printing, engineering, and optical industries; many crafts, including leather, gold and silver work, and embroidery; and its art and architecture attract large numbers of tourists. Notable medieval and Renaissance citizens included the writers Dante and Boccaccio, and the artists Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo.
Florence's architectural treasures include the Ponte Vecchio (1345); the Pitti and Vecchio palaces; the churches of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella; the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (1314); and the Uffizi Gallery, which has one of Europe's finest art collections, based on that of the Medicis.
The Roman town of Florentia was founded in the 1st century BC on the site of the Etruscan town of Faesulae. It was besieged by the Goths AD 4and visited by Charlemagne 786.
In 105Florence passed to Countess Matilda of Tuscany (1046–1115), and from the 11th century onward gained increasing autonomy. In 11it became an independent republic, with new city walls, and governed by a body of citizens. In the 13th–14th centuries, the city was the center of the struggle between the Guelphs (papal supporters) and Ghibellines (supporters of the Holy Roman emperor). Despite this, Florence became immensely prosperous and went on to reach its cultural peak during the 14th–16th centuries.
From the 15th to the 18th century, the Medici family, originally bankers, were the predominant power, in spite of their having been twice expelled by revolutions. In the first of these, in 149a year after Lorenzo de' Medici's death, a republic was proclaimed (with Machiavelli as secretary) that lasted until 151From 14to 149the city was under the control of religious reformer Savonarola. In 152the Medicis again proclaimed a republic, which lasted through many years of gradual decline until 173when the city passed to Maria Theresa of Austria. The city was ruled by the Hapsburg imperial dynasty 1737–186and was then the capital of Italy 1865–7The city was badly damaged in World War II and by floods 1966.
(Alabama) City in NW Alabama, US, on the Tennessee River near the Tennessee Valley Authority's Wilson Dam, NW of Birmingham; seat of Lauderdale County; Industries include agricultural and poultry products, building materials, lumber, and fertilizers.

Firenca [ ženski rod {geologija} ]

Grad u Italiji.

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