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envelope [ imenica ]
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ETYM French enveloppe.
A flat rectangular paper container for papers.
A natural covering (as by a fluid).
Any wrapper or covering.
(Geometry) A curve that is tangent to each of a family of curves.
The bag containing the gas in a balloon; SYN. gasbag.
The maximum operating capability of a system.
In geometry, a curve that touches all the members of a family of lines or curves. For example, a family of three equal circles all touching each other and forming a triangular pattern (like a clover leaf) has two envelopes: a small circle that fits in the space in the middle, and a large circle that encompasses all three circles.

kuvert [ muški rod ]

Zavoj za pisma, koverat.

koverat [ muški rod ]

Kuvert, omot za pismo.

koverta [ ženski rod ]

Kuvert, omotnica za pisma, koverat.

omot [ muški rod ]

Paket, ovojnica, omotač, povez, uvez.

zavoj [ muški rod ]

Okuka, krivina, zavijutak.

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