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east [ pridev ]
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Situated in or facing or moving toward the east.

istočni [ pridev ]

east [ prilog ]
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To, toward, or in the east.

prema istoku [ prilog ]

east [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. est, east, AS. eást; akin to Dutch oost, oosten, Old High Germ. ôstan, German ost, osten, Icel. austr, Swed. ost, Dan. öst, östen, Lith. auszra dawn, Latin aurora (for ausosa), Greek eos dawn.
The cardinal compass point that is at degrees; SYN. due east, E.
One of the four cardinal points of the compass, indicating that part of the horizon where the Sun rises; when facing north, east is to the right.
The Sun, and hence the east, has held a significant place in various religions; ancient temples had their altars at the east end so that sacrifices and other rituals could be made facing the rising Sun. In the 2nd century it became customary for Christians to worship facing the east, and also to bury the dead with their feet toward the east, so that on the morning of the Resurrection they would be facing the direction from which Christ was to come in glory.

istok [ muški rod ]

Strana sveta.

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