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drip [ imenica ]
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The formation and falling of drops of liquid; SYN. trickle, dribble.
A part of a cornice or other member that projects to throw off rainwater; also; an overlapping metal strip or an underneath groove for the same purpose
A falling in drops
Liquid that falls, overflows, or is extruded in drops
The sound made by or as if by falling drops
A device for the administration of a fluid at a slow rate especially into a vein; also; a material so administered
A dull or unattractive person

curak [ muški rod ]

curenje [ imenica ]

dobovanje [ imenica ]

dosadnaković [ muški rod ]

gunđanje [ imenica ]

kapanje [ ženski rod ]

kapljica [ ženski rod ]

Kapka, kaplja.

žalba [ ženski rod ]

drip [ glagol ]
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To fall in drops; of liquids.

curiti [ glagol ]

kapati [ glagol ]

Padati ili cureti kap po kap.

padati [ glagol ]

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