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1. A city in southeastern Germany on the Elbe River.
2. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 67635.
3. Town in Tennessee (USA); zip code 38225.
4. Village in New York (USA); zip code 14441.
5. Village in Ohio (USA).
Capital of the Land of Saxony, Germany; Industries include chemicals, machinery, glassware, and musical instruments. It was one of the most beautiful German cities until its devastation by Allied fire-bombing 1945. Dresden county has an area of 6,740 sq km/2,602 sq mi and a population of 1,772,000.
Work has begun on the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche, destroyed in the 1945 bombing; it is to be rebuilt from its own rubble in time fro the city's 800th anniversary in 2006. Many old buildings have been rebuilt, or are in the process of rebuilding, including the 18th century Zwinger, the Opera House, and the Taschenberg Palace.
Under the elector Augustus II the Strong (1694–1733), it became a center of art and culture. The manufacture of Dresden china, started in Dresden 1709, was transferred to Meissen 1710. The city was bombed by the Allies on the night 13–14 Feb 1945 in a massive air raid in which 2,600 tons of explosive and incendiary bombs were dropped, creating the worst firestorm of the war. About 20 sq km/ 8 sq mi of the city were devastated, and deaths were estimated at 35,000–135,000. Following the reunification of Germany 1990 Dresden once again became capital of Saxony.

1. Drezden

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Grad u istočnoj Nemačkoj, na reci Elbi.

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