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(1937-) Spanish lyric tenor. He specializes in Italian and French 19th-century operatic roles to which he brings a finely-tuned dramatic temperament. As a youth in Mexico, he sang baritone roles in zarzuela (musical theater), moving up to tenor as a member of the Israel National Opera 1961–64. Since his New York debut 1965 he has established a world reputation as a sympathetic leading tenor, and has made many films including the 1988 version of Puccini’s Tosca set in Rome, and the 1990 Zeffirelli production of Leoncavallo’s I Pagliacci/The Strolling Players. He also sang with José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti in a recording of operatic hits released to coincide with the World Cup soccer series in Rome 1990. A member of a musical family, he emigrated to Mexico in 1950. In 1986 he starred in the film version of Otello. Sung his first Parsifal at the New York Met, 1991.

1. Domingo

muški rodlično ime

Španski lirski tenor.

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