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dung [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. dung; akin to German dung, dünger, Old High Germ. tunga, Swed. dynga; cf. Icel. dyngja heap, Dan. dynge, Mid. High Germ. tunc underground dwelling place, orig., covered with dung. Related to Dingy.
The excrement of an animal.
Waste matter excreted by living animals. Dung may also serve as a marker through the addition of scents from the anal glands, whether for determining territorial boundaries or as an indication of status within a group.
Some animals, such as rabbits, may reingest dung immediately after excretion and continue digesting it, a process known as refection. In addition to being broken down by bacteria, animal dung provides food for many invertebrates, especially beetles and flies, and provides a habitat for certain species of fungi and plants such as stinging nettles.
Australia's million cattle produce 1million hectares of dung annually according to estimates 1995.

balega [ ženski rod ]

govno [ imenica {vulgarno, napadno} ]

izmet [ muški rod ]

prljavština [ ženski rod ]


đubre [ imenica ]

Smeće, gnoj, stajsko đubrivo. (tur.)

dung [ glagol ]
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To defecate, used of an animal.
To fertilize or dress with dung.

đubriti balegom [ glagol ]

srati [ glagol {vulgarno, napadno} ]

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