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1. A North American river; rises in southwestern Canada and flows southward across Washington to form the border between Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific; known for its salmon runs in the spring.
2. Capital and largest city in South Carolina; located in central South Carolina.
3. Borough in Pennsylvania (USA); zip code 17512.
4. City in Illinois (USA); zip code 62236.
5. City in Kentucky (USA).
6. City in Mississippi (USA); zip code 39429.
7. City in Missouri (USA).
8. City in South Dakota (USA); zip code 57433.
9. City in Tennessee (USA); zip code 38401.
10. Town in Alabama (USA); zip code 36319.
11. Town in Louisiana (USA).
12. Town in North Carolina (USA); zip code 27925.
13. Town in Virginia (USA); zip code 23038.
14. Unincorporated community in California (USA).
15. Unincorporated community in Maryland (USA).
Capital of South Carolina, US, on the Congaree River; Manufacturing includes textiles, plastics, electrical goods, fertilizers, and hosiery, but the chief product is fuel assemblies for nuclear reactors.
The main campus of the University of South Carolina is here. Columbia was laid out as the state capital 1786. It was burned by Union troops 1865, near the close of the Civil War.
River in W North America, 1,215 mi/1,950 m in length. It rises in British Columbia and flows through Washington to the Pacific below Astoria, after forming much of the boundary between Washington and Oregon. This fast-running river has enormous hydroelectric potential and is harnessed for irrigation and power by the Grand Coulee and other major dams. Although it is famous for salmon fishing, the catch is now much reduced. The mouth of the Columbia was discovered 1792. The explorer David Thompson followed it from its source to its mouth 1811.
City in central Missouri, US, NE of Jefferson City, seat of Boone County; It is the site of the University of Missouri 1853 and Stephens College 1833.

1. Kolumbija

ženski rodgeografija

Država u Južnoj Americi.

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