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(William Jefferson) (1946-) 42nd president of the US 1993 - . A Democrat, he served as governor of Arkansas 1979–81 and 1983–93, establishing a liberal and progressive reputation. After winning the 1992 nomination for president, he chose Al Gore as his running mate. The 1992 campaign centered on the problems of the US economy, with Clinton successfully challenging the incumbent George Bush while weathering criticism of his avoidance of the military draft and other “character” issues. Clinton began his administration with ambitious plans for deficit reduction, military reforms and health care restructuring; all were met by strong opposition.
Born in Hope, Arkansas, US, Clinton majored in international affairs at Georgetown University, graduating in 1968. He attended Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar 1968–70, and graduated from Yale University Law School 1973. He served as attorney general of Arkansas 1977–79 and, at age 32, became the country's youngest governor.

1. Klinton

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42. predsednik SAD-a.

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