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Chateaubriand [ imenica {kulinarstvo} ]
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Double-thick center cut of beef tenderloin.

punjeni biftek [ muški rod {kulinarstvo} ]

šatobrijan [ muški rod {kulinarstvo} ]

Pržena goveđa pečenica.

Chateaubriand [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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Vicomte de (1768-184French writer, a founder of Romanticism. He was in exile from the French Revolution 1794–180and wrote Atala 18(based on his encounters with Native Americans), Le Génie du Christianisme/The Genius of Christianity 1802—a defense of the Christian faith in terms of its social, cultural, and spiritual benefits— and the autobiographical René 1805.
He visited the US 17and, on his return to France, fought for the royalist side, which was defeated at Thionville 179He lived in exile in England until 180When he returned to France, he held diplomatic appointments under Louis XVIII, becoming ambassador to Britain 182He later wrote Mémoires d’outre tombe/Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb 1848–50.

de Beržerak [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Francuski pisac i vojnik.

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