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1. The capital and largest city of Wales.
2. Town in Alabama (USA).
(Welsh Caerdydd) Seaport and capital of Wales (from 1955) and administrative headquarters of South and Mid Glamorgan, at the mouth of the Taff, Rhymney, and Ely rivers; Industries include automobile components, flour milling, ship repairs, electrical goods, paper, and cigars; there are also high-tech industries.
The city dates from Roman times, the later town being built around a Norman castle. The castle was the residence of the earls and marquesses of Bute from the 18th century and was given to the city 1947 by the fifth marquess. Coal was exported until the 1920s.
As coal declined, iron and steel exports continued to grow, and an import trade in timber, grain and flour, tobacco, meat, and citrus fruit developed.

1. Kardif

muški rodgeografija

Glavni grad Velsa, Velika Britanija.

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