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A city in northwestern Belgium in West Flanders province; connected by canal to the North Sea; the old city is a popular tourist attraction; Also called: City of Bridges.
(Flemish Brugge) Historic city in NW Belgium; capital of W Flanders province, 16 km/10 mi from the North Sea, with which it is connected by canal; est) 116,900. Bruges was the capital of medieval Flanders and was the chief European wool manufacturing town as well as its chief market. The contemporary port handles coal, iron ore, oil, and fish; local industries include lace, textiles, paint, steel, beer, furniture, and motors.
Among many fine buildings are the 14th-century cathedral, the church of Notre Dame with a Michelangelo statue of the Virgin and Child, the Gothic town hall and market hall; there are remarkable art collections. It was named for its many bridges. The College of Europe is the oldest center of European studies.

1. Briž

muški rodgeografija

Grad u Belgiji, glavni grad Zapadne Flandrije.

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