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City in Kentucky (USA); zip code 40108.
(town) Town in Germany, on the river Havel; 60 km/36 mi W of Berlin; Industries include textiles, automobiles, and aircraft. It has a 12th-century cathedral.(state) Administrative Land (state) of Germany.
area 25,000 sq km/10,000 sq mi.
capital Potsdam.
towns and cities Cottbus, Brandenburg, Frankfurt-on-Oder.
industries iron and steel, paper, pulp, metal products, semiconductors.
est) 2,543,000.
history The Hohenzollern rulers who took control of Brandenburg 1415 later acquired the powerful duchy of Prussia and became emperors of Germany. At the end of World War II, Brandenburg lost over 12,950 sq km/5,000 sq mi of territory when Poland advanced its frontier to the line of the Oder and Neisse rivers. The remainder, which became a region of East Germany, was divided 1952 into the districts of Frankfurt-on-Oder, Potsdam, and Cottbus. When Germany was reunited 1990, Brandenburg reappeared as a state of the Federal Republic.

1. Brandenburg

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