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black [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. blak, as. blaec; akin to Icel. blakkr dark, swarthy, Swed. bläck ink, Dan. blaek, Old High Germ. blach, lg. and Dutch blaken to burn with a black smoke. Not akin to as. blâc, Eng. bleak pallid.
Being of the achromatic color of maximum darkness; having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light; SYN. achromatic.
Extremely dark; SYN. pitch-black, pitch-dark.
Dressed in black.
Of or belonging to a racial group having dark skin especially of sub-Saharan African origin.
Stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable; SYN. dark, sinister.
(Of events) Having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing ruin; SYN. calamitous, disastrous, fatal, fateful.
(Of intelligence operations) Deliberately misleading.
(Of the face) Made black especially as with suffused blood; SYN. blackened.
(Used of conduct or character) Deserving or bringing disgrace or shame; SYN. disgraceful, ignominious, inglorious, opprobrious, shameful.
1Marked by anger or resentment or hostility.
1Harshly ironic or sinister; SYN. grim, mordant.
1Offering little or no hope; SYN. bleak, dim.
1Soiled with dirt or soot.
1(Of coffee) Without cream or sugar.

crn [ pridev ]

sraman [ pridev ]

taman [ pridev ]


black [ imenica ]
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The quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white); SYN. blackness.
Black clothing (worn as a sign of mourning).
(Chess or checkers) The darker-colored pieces.

crna boja [ ženski rod ]

crna figura [ ženski rod {šah} ]

crnac [ muški rod ]

Čovek crne boje kože.

crnilo [ imenica ]

crnina [ ženski rod ]

Crna odeća kao znak žalosti.

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