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A German style of architecture begun by Walter Gropius in 1918.
German school of architecture and design founded 1919 in Weimar by the architect Walter Gropius in an attempt to fuse art, design, architecture, and crafts into a unified whole. Moved to Dessau under political pressure 1925 (where it was housed in a building designed by Gropius), the school was closed by the Nazis 1933. Among the artists associated with the Bauhaus were the painters Klee and Kandinsky and the architect Mies van der Rohe.
The ideas of the school were subsequently incorporated into teaching programs in Europe and the US, where many of its teachers and students emigrated. Gropius and Marcel Breuer worked together in the US 1937–40 and the International Style (of which Gropius’s Bauhaus building 1925–26 is a hallmark) spread worldwide from there. In 1972 the Bauhaus Archive was installed in new premises in Berlin.

1. Bauhaus

muški rod

Nemačka stil u arhitekturi osnovan 1918. godine od strane Valtera Gropijusa.

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